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Our story

Amiisi's Story

We, the Amiisi community, come from different walks of life. Embracing diversity as something that enriches and inspires us. Our shirt dresses reflect a world where boundaries are broken down instead of emphasized, be it between cultures, eras or occasions. Our respect for modern women and today’s busy lives leads us to create fashion that’s beautiful yet versatile. Our love for Lebanon’s heritage and the roots of our founder form the spirit of our brand and our values.

Amiisi, which translates in Arabic to ‘my shirt’, came to life as an attire answer to today’s urban lifestyle. Women across the globe multitask at such an exponential rate that dressing for the occasion has become almost too difficult to achieve. One afternoon might be filled with a business meeting, picking up a child from school, running errands, joining a webinar, and meeting with family for dinner. An Amiisi shirt dress encapsulates all of these occasions. It addresses the fear of overdressing or underdressing and the doubts whether to dress casual, smart, chic, etc. Its design combines simplicity with outspoken elegance.​

Our products

Amiisi's Product

As it’s our mission to empower women during every part of their day, we’ve created the first brand to fully specialize in the piece of clothing that embodies style and versatility: the shirt dress. This allows us to perfect the art of shirt dresses and deliver the highest quality. Cutting out the middlemen enables us to do this for a fair price.

All of Amiisi’s shirt dresses are handmade in Lebanon by experienced and skilled tailors who are specialized in the shirt dress craft.



Because we control and oversee the entire production process in Lebanon, we can hold this process to the highest ethical standards. This means that all our tailors earn a fair wage and work under healthy conditions. Also, all our materials are locally sourced, our supply lines short, and our products made of 100% cotton and designed to last, reducing their environmental impact.​

Our founder

Amiisi's Founder

The creative force behind Amiisi is Lebanese fashion designer Sanaa Ayoub. After obtaining an M.A. in Fashion Design from the renowned Istituto Marangoni, she set up her haute couture label in Beirut, focusing mostly on custom-made evening gowns. Inspired by her move to the Netherlands in 2019, Sanaa has now launched Amiisi, realizing her dream of connecting women from different walks of life through fashion.

With love, Sanaa

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